Ana Gabriela Pessoa

VP of Strategic Partnership at Pearson


Adrian Fenty

Co-founder of M Ventures


Andre Street

Founder of StoneCo

Antoine Colaço

Partner at Valor Capital Group

Antônio Ermírio de Moraes Neto

Co-founder and CEO of XP Health

Bina Kalola

Managing Director at Bank of America Merril Lynch

Brook Byers

Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Carlos Brito

CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev

Andre Street

Founder of StoneCo and Arpex

Founder at StoneCo (Nasdaq: STNE), one of the main payments acquirer companies in Brazil. André is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and sold multiple companies in the past decade, such as Braspag (currently part of CIEL3: BZ), MoiP (currently part of WDI: GR), SieveGroup (currently part of BTOW3: BZ), etc.
André and his partner, Eduardo Pontes, (i) support diverse study initiatives to young people - the NGO Alphalumen in São José dos Campos, and the Fundação Estudar, where they sit on the board; (ii) invest in dozens of technology companies in various stages through Arpex Capital and (iii) are part of the board of two publicly listed companies as independent members.

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