Sherry Coutu

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor

Stelleo Tolda

Vice President and COO for Mercado Libre

Talat Imran

Managing Director at InCube Ventures

Thomaz Srougi

Founder and CEO of dr.consulta

Veronica Serra

Founding Partner, Pacific Investimentos and Innova Capital

Vinod Khosla

Founder of Khosla Ventures

Vivek Garipalli

Co-founder and CEO of Clover Health

Yuli Tamir

Israel former Minister of Education, adjunct professor Oxford University Blavatnik School, President of the Shenkar College

Vivek Garipalli

Co-founder and CEO of Clover Health

Vivek Garipalli is the co-founder and CEO of Clover Health, a health insurance company leveraging data to proactively improve health outcomes, filling gaps in care and reducing avoidable costs. Prior to founding Clover, Vivek founded CarePoint Health, a fully integrated healthcare system in New Jersey. Through his role at CarePoint – whose mission is to serve uninsured and underinsured patient populations – Vivek experienced the misalignment of providers and insurance companies first-hand. Prior to CarePoint, Vivek owned and operated various outpatient facilities.Vivek is active in health tech, serving as a board member of Flatiron Health and Doctor Evidence.

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