BSV 2020


Unicórnios Brasileiros: Transicionando para uma nova economia

Cesar Carvalho

Co-Founder and CEO at Gympass

David Vélez

Founder and CEO at Nubank

Fabricio Bloisi

CEO at iFood

Victor Lazarte

CEO at Wildlife Studios

André Street

Co-founder at Stone



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EdTech & Philanthropy: Crafting the Future of Education

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Philanthropist, 3G Co-Founder, Chairman of Lemann Foundation

Sal Khan

Founder of Khan Academy

The Path Forward: Extraordinary leaders for extraordinary times

Ana Paula Assis

General Manager for IBM Latin America

Marcelo Claure

CEO at Softbank Group International, COO at Softbank Group Corp, Executive Chairman at WeWork

From Made in China to Designed in China

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Chairman and CEO Sinovation Ventures

Roberto Marinho Neto

CEO at Globo Ventures

Healthtech and COVID-19: The future of Healthcare

Dr. Anurag Mairal

Adjunct Professor Stanford Medicine Stanford GSB

Carlos Bustamante

Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University

Sumant Ramachandra

President of Pharmaceuticals and CTO, Baxter

Building the capital bridge & A talk about technology and innovation

Hernan Kazah

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Kaszek Ventures

Mariana Donangelo

Investor at Marin Ventures

Renata Quintini

Co-Founder of Renegade Partners

Scott Sobel

Co-founder & Managing Partner of Valor Capital Group

Luciano Huck

TV Presenter and Entrepreneur, Partner of Igah Ventures

Ashton Kutcher

Founding Partner of A-Grade Investments and Sound Ventures

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