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    is now digital.

    We will continue to generate impact via virtual panels, discussing innovation and technology tendencies. We will have panels that will tentatively happen on Wednesdays until the end of May. BSVdigital panels will be broadcasted via our Youtube channel and will be opened to everyone who is interested.

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    About us

    Brazil at Silicon Valley is a movement and conference spearheaded by students from Stanford and Berkeley that aims to improve Brazil’s competitiveness through innovation and technology. Our audience, which represents a significant portion of Brazil’s GDP, consists of the 750 most influential Brazilian executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and policy-makers.

    The event hosts panels in which Brazilian decision-makers interview world leaders and experts about topics that are relevant to Brazil’s growth. In our first edition, we had Carlos Brito (CEO of AbInbev) interviewing Vinod Khosla, David Velez (CEO and Founder of NuBank) interviewing Doug Leone, Julio Vasconcellos (Co-founder of Canary) interviewing Marcelo Claure, and Jorge Paulo Lemann (Co-founder of 3G Capital) interviewing Scott Cook.

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this year's conference has been redesigned and will comprise 5 digital panels focusing on three key topics: Innovation Ecosystems, Disrupted Industries, and Social Impact. All panels will be broadcasted via our Youtube channel.

    Upcoming Panels


    From Made In China to Designed In China

    In this conversation, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, and Roberto Marinho Neto, CEO of Globo Ventures, will discuss China’s transition from imitation and innovation, especially through the use of Artificial Intelligence and mobile platforms. Dr. Lee will also share with us his view on the relationship between China and Silicon Valley as well as the lessons Brazil can learn from China regarding large-scale entrepreneurship and the make-up of an innovation ecosystem.


    Kai-Fu Lee

    Chairman and CEO,
    Sinovation Ventures

    Roberto Marinho Neto

    CEO, Globo Ventures

    Startup Battle

    The Startup Battle is a pitch-based startup competition that will occur during the Brazil at Silicon Valley conference. Fifteen startups will have the opportunity to digitally pitch their businesses to Google for Startups, competing for a spot in their exclusive acceleration program!

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    20:30 BRT



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