Brazil at Silicon Valley

Support the Brazilian innovation ecosystem development.

That is our mission.

2023 Conference

23-25th April | Santa Clara Convention Center

We exist to serve as a bridge between Brazil and Silicon Valley

Brazil at Silicon Valley is a movement and conference spearheaded by students from Stanford and Berkeley that aims to improve Brazil’s competitiveness through innovation and technology. We organize an annual conference where we bring together the most influential Brazilian executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and policy-makers to discuss topics that are relevant to the country’s technological development.

We organize a conference that help decision-makers to embrace innovation

The event hosts panels in which Brazilian decision-makers interview world leaders and experts about topics that are relevant to Brazil’s growth. In our first edition, we had Carlos Brito (CEO of AbInbev) interviewing Vinod Khosla, David Velez (CEO and Founder of NuBank) interviewing Doug Leone, Julio Vasconcellos (Co-founder of Canary) interviewing Marcelo Claure, and Jorge Paulo Lemann (Co-founder of 3G Capital) interviewing Scott Cook.

We share the main takeaways and work towards creating positive change

Through our digital products (panels, podcasts, reports), we aim to expand the reach of our initiatives and inspire as many people as we can to contribute to the development of Brazil’s innovation ecosystem.

Our Content


How Brazilians perceive the Amazon forest


Episode 18 - Vivian Wu

In today's BSV Podcast series we interviewed Vivian Wu, who leads impact investments for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). CZI was founded in 2015 by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to help solve some of society’s toughest challenges with a combination of technology, grantmaking, and impact investing. As Managing Partner of CZI Ventures, Vivian led investments in companies such as Descomplica, BYJU's, and Age of Learning. Vivian spoke with Karine Yuki and Ernesto Nam about the role of technology in scaling education models, about the current investment theses and priorities at CZI, and more. Vivian's enthusiasm about the future of education in Brazil and Latin America was one of the highlights of our conversation.

Episode 17 - Arjuna Costa

"My ultimate goal is for money to become intuitive and eventually invisible. If you ask anybody on the street in Brazil what they want out of life, their aspirations are not to have a home loan — they want to have a house. Their aspirations are not to get a student loan — they want their kids to go to college and to get ahead in life. This is the challenge — how do you connect people's real-life problems and real-life needs with a set of intuitive financial services?" This month's BSV Podcast series featured a conversation with Arjuna Costa, Managing Partner at Flourish Ventures, a global venture firm investing in entrepreneurs whose innovations advance financial health and prosperity. Arjuna spoke with Emilio Umeoka and Karine Yuki about the journey from financial access to financial health, about product and technology design for the middle class, and about the inflection point leading to new generations of entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Episode 16 - Benjamin Gleason

Almost a decade ago, Benjamin Gleason pioneered the wave of #OpenBanking in Latin America through Guiabolso, a personal finance fintech company with over 6M users and US$80m in investments. In 2021, Ben sold Guiabolso to PicPay and founded Kamino, a financial and corporate hub that accelerates the go-to-market and growth of Latam startups. Today, he is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and Endeavor Entrepreneur. In our podcast today, Ben Gleason, co-founder of Kamino, talks about his journey as a serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Latam, Guiabolso’s exit, and his vision of the world of fintech, Open Banking, and Kamino!


Investing in Venture Capital - An Untapped Opportunity for Brazilian Investors

A short article analyzing how changes in investment trends after the 2008 Great Recession boosted investment opportunities in the private markets for Brazilian investors. The author focuses specifically on the role of startups for value creation.


McKinsey Brazil Digital Report 2019

A comprehensive 191-page report on the Brazilian digital economy, including macroeconomic indicators, Internet trends, investment facts, and data on the overall entrepreneurship and innovation landscape.


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