Episode 27

Diego Barreto, How Ifood Uses AI to Revolutionize the Delivery Market

In our first episode of this season, we had the pleasure of chatting with Diego Barreto on our channel. Diego is the CFO & VP of Strategy at Ifood, author of the bestseller "Nova Economia" (New Economy), and a mentor at Endeavor. This

Episode 26 - Deborah Quazzo, AI Unleashed: Decoding the Future of EdTech

In this episode, we welcome Deborah Quazzo, a highly influential industry figure and Managing Partner at GSV Ventures - a mammoth $950MM fund dedicated to education. Deborah's profound understanding

Episode 25 - David Lawant, Democratization of Crypto Usage

In today's episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming David Lawant, Head of Research at FalconX, the largest crypto trading platform for businesses. He is also a co-author of the CFA Guide to

Episode 24 - Luiz Peroba, Impacts of the Tax Reform

In this episode, we talk with Luiz Roberto Peroba, partner in the tax area of Pinheiro Neto Advogados. Peroba tells us more about the impacts of the new Tax Reform being discussed in Congress and the

Episode 23 - Maitê Lourenço, Founder of BlackRocks Startups

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Maitê Lourenço. Maitê is a psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Founder of BlackRocks Startups and YA Ventures, Impact

Episode 22 - Patrick Sigrist, Founder of Ifood and Nomad

In this first episode of our new season, we talk with Patrick Sigrist. Patrick is a Forestry Engineer with a Master's in Spatial Data Analysis and an MBA. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur who has

Episode 16 - Tiago Dalvi, founder and CEO Olist

In June 2021, we interviewed Tiago Dalvi, founder and CEO of Olist, one of the most promising Brazilian startups in retail. After graduating in Business Administration from UFPR, Tiago started his

Episode 15 - Florian Hagenbuch, Founder and co-CEO at Loft

This week we interviewed Florian Hagenbuch, founder and co-CEO of Loft, a real estate marketplace that became a unicorn less than one year after its founding in 2018, and co-founder of Canary, an

Episode 14 - Renata Quintini, Co-Founder and Manging Director at Renegade Partners

Today our special guest is Renata Quintini, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Renegade Partners, a Venture Capital fund based in the world's Venture Capital capital: Menlo Park, California. Renata

Episode 21 - Vivian Wu, Managing Partner at Ventures, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

In today's BSV Podcast series, we interviewed Vivian Wu, who leads impact investments for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). CZI was founded in 2015 by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to help

Episode 20 - Arjuna Costa, Manager Partner at Flourish Ventures

"My ultimate goal is for money to become intuitive and eventually invisible. If you ask anybody on the street in Brazil what they want out of life, their aspirations are not to have a home loan —

Episode 19 - Benjamin Gleason, Founder Kamino

Almost a decade ago, Benjamin Gleason pioneered the wave of #OpenBanking in Latin America through Guiabolso, a personal finance fintech company with over 6M users and US$80m in investments. In 2021,

Episode 18 - Roger Laughlin, Founder & Brazil CEO at Kavak

Roger Laughlin, co-founder and CEO of Kavak Brazil, was our special guest in this month's BSV Podcast series. Roger shared more about his journey from Venezuela to Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, his

Episode 17 - André Penha, co-founder and CTO at QuintoAndar

André Penha is the co-founder and CTO of Quinto Andar, a proptech with end-to-end solutions for renting, buying and selling, and management of apartments. QuintoAndar raised more than US$750m from

Episódio 13 - Victor Lazarte, co-founder and CEO at Wildlife

Hoje nosso convidado é Victor Lazarte, co-fundador e CEO da Wildlife, um dos unicórnios brasileiros. Após se formar na escola politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, onde cursou Engenharia

Episódio 12 - Henrique Dubugras, Co-Founder e Co-CEO BREX

Hoje nosso convidado especial é Henrique Dubugras, Co-founder e co-CEO da Brex, uma das Fintechs de maior sucesso do Vale nos últimos anos e avaliada em 2.6 bilhões de dólares em sua última rodada de

Episódio 11 - Alexandre Lazarow, Venture Investor e Escritor

Today we had an extra special guest: Alexandre Lazarow. Alexandre is a Venture Investor at Cathay Innovation and just released his book Out-Innovate on how global entrepreneurs are rewriting the

Episódio 10 - Robson Capasso, Professor Associado de Otorrinolaringologia na Faculdade de Medicina de Stanford

Nesse episódio entrevistamos o Dr. Robson Capasso, Chefe do serviço de Cirurgia do Sono, Professor Associado de Otorrinolaringologia e de cirurgia de Cabeça e Pescoço da Faculdade de Medicina de

Episódio 9 - Antoine Colaço, General Partner na Valor Capital

This episode was recorded in English. Antoine Colaço is a General Partner at Valor Capital Group. Valor is one of the most successful venture capital firms in Brazil, having invested in Stone,

Episódio 8 - Mariana Donangelo, Venture Investor

No episódio de hoje tivemos uma convidada Super Especial: Mariana Donangelo.Mariana nos contou sobre sua trajetória de educação na UFRJ e COPPEAD até chegar no Silicon Valley e trabalhar em uma das

Episódio 7 - Lara Lemann, Co-fundadora da Maya Capital

Neste episódio tivemos uma convidada muito especial: Lara Lemann. Lara é co-fundadora da Maya Capital, um fundo de venture capital que faz investimentos em early stage no Brasil. Seu portfolio inclui

Episódio 6 - Rafael Costa, Partner da Vulcan Capital

No episódio de hoje tivemos um convidado muito especial: Rafael Costa, partner de Growth Equity da Vulcan Capital, um fundo multi-billion dollar de Venture Capital, braço de investimentos da Vulcan

Episódio 5 - André Levi, CFO and Partner at DCM Ventures

Hoje falamos com André Levi, CFO e partner do fundo de venture capital DCM Ventures, localizado na lendária Sandhill Road em Menlo Park - no coração do Vale do Silício.André nos contou sobre a sua

Episódio 4 - Hans Tung, Managing Partner na GGV Capital

Esse episódio foi gravado em Inglês. Our extra special guest today is Hans Tung. Hans is one of the most successful and respected Venture Capitalists in the Valley. He has been named 9 times to the

Episode 3 - David Vélez, Founder and CEO at Nubank

Nesse episódio tivemos um convidado muito especial: David Vélez. David é Fundador e CEO do Nubank, que ultrapassou recententemente barreira de 20 milhões de clientes, se tornando um dos maiores

Episode 2 - Stelleo Tolda, COO at Mercado Libre

No episódio de hoje tivemos um convidado muito especial: Stelleo Tolda. Stelleo é COO do Mercado Livre, a plataforma de e-commerce líder na America Latina. Fundada em 1999 por estudantes de MBA em

Episode 1 - Roberto Sallouti, CEO at BTG Pactual

No episódio de hoje tivemos um convidado muito especial: Roberto Sallouti. Sallouti é CEO do BTG Pactual, um dos principais bancos de investimento da América Latina, fruto da aquisição do UBS Pactual

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