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Investing in the Brazil of the Future: Valuations in the Age of Technology

The panel will feature some of the most important names in Growth Investing in Brazil and LATAM: Paulo Passoni (Managing Partner of Softbank) and Martín Escobari (Managing Director of General Atlantic). The conversation will be moderated by Alex Behring (Co-founder of 3G Capital, Chairman of Restaurants Brands International and Kraft Heinz). The panel will discuss the current scenario of late-stage investments in Brazil and the main trends for the future.

Martin Escobari

General Atlantic

Alex Behring

3G Capital

Paulo Passoni




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Future of Technology and Broad Implications to Governments and Industries

Moderated by Robert Siegel, the panel will feature the presence of the panelist Joe Lonsdale, founder of Palantir Technologies, 8VC and OpenGov, who will discuss Venture Capital and GovTech. The attendees will explore issues such as the next waves of technology, entrepreneurship as an engine of government transformation, and the impact of OpenGov, Palantir, and the Cicero Institute as major catalysts for the US government's technological transformation. Guests will also talk about the decentralization of technological ecosystems and the potential impacts for developing economies such as Brazil.

Joe Lonsdale

Co-founder of Palandir and 8VC

Rob Siegel

Professor at Stanford GSB

Education Day BSV

We bring great names from the EdTech sector from Brazil and Silicon Valley to discuss the trends that are shaping the industry. We will discuss the future of education, how a new initiative inspired on American exemples might create the new tech leaders in Brazil, our relationship with learning throughout life, and the role of technology on primary education.

Roberto Sallouti

CEO BTG Pactual and Chairman Inteli

Maira Habimorad

CEO Inteli

Jeff Maggioncalda

CEO Coursera

Amit Patel

Partner Owl Ventures

Dan Carrol

Founder and CPO Clever

Bruno Yoshimura

Co-Founder ONEVC

Marco Fisbhen

CEO Descomplica

Eduardo Parente

Yduqs CEO

The AgTech Opportunity

Pedro Coelho, Co-founder of Provivi, a California-based company that provides technology services for crop monitoring and tracking, and Kriss Corso, Agricultural Director of the JCN Group, will talk about how AgTechs are changing how a farmer and investor plan and execute their cultivation strategies.

Pedro Coelho

Co-founder & CEO at Provivi

Kriss Corso

Agro Director at Grupo JCN

Consumer-led Healthcare

Florian Otto, Co-founder of Cedar Inc., a major payments platform for Healthcare in the US, and Kareem Zaki, Partner at Thrive Capital, a Venture Capital fund specializing in HealthTech, kick off the conference and discuss how technology is changing the industry around the world. The panel will be moderated by Manoela Mitchel, founder of Pipo Saúde.

Florian Otto

Co-Founder and CEO of Cedar Health

Manoela Mitchell

Co-Founder and CEO of Pipo Saúde

Kareem Zaki

General Partner at Thrive Capital

How Brazilians perceive the Amazon forest

At the end of the day, BSV brings João Moreira Salles, Brazilian documentary filmmaker and the co-founder of Wright Capital Wealth Management, Fernanda Camargo, to discuss how Brazil can and should position itself as a leader in the development of projects related to the green economy.

João Moreira Salles

Documentary Filmmaker & Founder of Revista Piauí

Fernanda Camargo

Co-founder of Wright Capital Wealth Management

Retail platforms and the future of ecommerce

Finkelstein, President of Shopify, one of the world's largest ecommerce platforms with a market value of $180 billion, will speak on key current and future retail trends. The panel will be moderated by Lia Matos, Stone's Chief Operating Officer.

Harley Finkelstein

President at Shopify

Lia Matos

CSO & COO at Stone Co

Crypto: a new asset class?

Brian Brooks, CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency brokerage by transaction volume, will talk about how this asset class is changing the investment landscape globally. The debate will be moderated by Michael Nicklas, Partner at Valor Capital Group.

Brian Brooks

Partner Valor Capital

Michael Nicklas

Partner at Valor Capital Group

Rene Reinsberg

CEO of Celo

Superapps and the future of payments

Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal, one of the world's largest digital payment platforms, will talk about key industry trends and impacts for consumers. The panel will be moderated by Scott Sobel, Managing Partner of Valor Capital Group.

Dan Schulman

Former CEO, Paypal; Board Member Verizon, Cisco, Lazard, Cleveland Clinic

Amb. Clifford Sobel

Founding Partner of Valor Capital Group

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