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A nonprofit movement bridging the most influential Brazilian leaders and Silicon Valley

Sixth Edition of the Brazil at Silicon Valley Conference

Save the date: April 7-9th 2024

We exist to serve as a bridge between Brazil and Silicon Valley

Brazil at Silicon Valley is a nonprofit movement spearheaded by students from Stanford and Berkeley, bridging the most influential Brazilian leaders and Silicon Valley. We organize an annual conference where we bring together the most influential Brazilian executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and policy-makers to discuss topics that are relevant to the country’s technological development.

We organize a conference that help decision-makers to embrace innovation

The event hosts panels in which Brazilian decision-makers interview world leaders and experts about topics that are relevant to Brazil’s growth. In previous editions, we had Carlos Brito (CEO of AbInbev) interviewing Vinod Khosla, David Velez (CEO and Founder of NuBank) interviewing Doug Leone, Julio Vasconcellos (Co-founder of Canary) interviewing Marcelo Claure, and Jorge Paulo Lemann (Co-founder of 3G Capital) interviewing Scott Cook.

We share the main takeaways and work towards creating positive change

Through our digital products (panels, podcasts, reports), we aim to expand the reach of our initiatives and inspire as many people as we can to contribute to the development of Brazil’s innovation ecosystem.

Our Content

Diego Barreto, How Ifood Uses AI to Revolutionize the Delivery Market

Episode 27 - Diego Barreto, How Ifood Uses AI to Revolutionize the Delivery Market

In our first episode of this season, we had the pleasure of chatting with Diego Barreto on our channel. Diego is the CFO & VP of Strategy at Ifood, author of the bestseller "Nova Economia" (New Economy), and a mentor at Endeavor. This episode has AI as its central theme, and we discussed its impacts on personal productivity and how Ifood uses AI to revolutionize the food delivery market.

Episode 26 - Deborah Quazzo, AI Unleashed: Decoding the Future of EdTech

In this episode, we welcome Deborah Quazzo, a highly influential industry figure and Managing Partner at GSV Ventures - a mammoth $950MM fund dedicated to education. Deborah's profound understanding of EdTech and AI's intersection paints a vivid picture of the future of learning. With accolades including being recognized twice among the top 100 seed investors and co-founding the esteemed ASU+GSV Summit, Deborah is a leader shaping the $7 trillion education sector. From her stints at Princeton and Harvard to serving on various educational boards, Deborah's insights are not to be missed. Tune in as we delve into AI's transformative power in education and how personalization is becoming a revolutionary approach in this space.

Episode 25 - David Lawant, Democratization of Crypto Usage

In today's episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming David Lawant, Head of Research at FalconX, the largest crypto trading platform for businesses. He is also a co-author of the CFA Guide to Blockchain and Crypto. David has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of São Paulo and holds a master's degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Investing in Venture Capital - An Untapped Opportunity for Brazilian Investors

A short article analyzing how changes in investment trends after the 2008 Great Recession boosted investment opportunities in the private markets for Brazilian investors. The author focuses specifically on the role of startups for value creation.


McKinsey Brazil Digital Report 2019

A comprehensive 191-page report on the Brazilian digital economy, including macroeconomic indicators, Internet trends, investment facts, and data on the overall entrepreneurship and innovation landscape.

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